3 Sessions of Private Counseling (1on1 )



This intimate mentoring sessions will be about me directly focusing on instilling you with the inner healing, financial building, family balance, spiritual growth, and overall wholeness you need to walk better in faith, and confidence. As a Pastor I have counseled 1000s and taught them how to move from powerless faith to walking in ferocious faith. This three sessions program is going to be a challenging, hardworking, reflective mentoring program. If you aren’t interested in doing the work required to grow in this program this isn’t a program for you. Only a few spots are available so hurry sign up. It’s been too long since you invested in something that was going to work your faith, grow and develop your vision, grow your prayer, and overall life. Believe God if He sent you here He will provide what you need.

These sessions are private with Pastor Coleman and will be carried out on Zoom ..


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